Kadurugoda Temple

Kadurugoda Temple is located in Chunnakam ( Hunugama) in Jaffna district. The main religious attraction in this place is 60 stupa ( dageba) and there are some other Buddhist ruins too. These stupas are built in various sizes. It is believed that those stupas were constructed from the “Dathu”( remianings) of 60 arahath monks who lived in “Punkuduthiv” area. It is believed that Load Buddha visited to this site and stayed some time during his second visit to Sri Lanka.

According to the reports, the archaeological importance of this site was first identified by a former district judge of Jaffna, Mr. Paul E Pieris in 1917. During the archaeological excavations done in 1917-1919, some Buddha statues, colored tiles, coins found from this site. Those were belonging to Anuradapura and Polonnaruwa period.

Portuguese mentioned this place as “Kandarakuddei” on their documents. According to a old inscriptions (call “Aththane Tam Lipiya”) found in this site, the King Kashyapa (iv) did a donation to this place in 9th century. Kadurugoda Temple was destroyed in 16th century during the time of king “Sangili” who rule Jaffna.