Lady Hill

Lady Hill, Upper Dickson Road, Galle. Sri Lanka.
+ 94 91 2244322

Nestled atop the highest point of the ancient port city of Galle sits the Lady Hill Hotel, where you will be overwhelmed by the breathtaking and panoramic “Bird Eye View” of the lush green countryside stretching from the tea covered sloped of the Southern foothills all the way down to merge with the brilliant blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
Entering the portals of the Lady Hill Hotel, one is treated to an architectural edifice, echoing the legacy of the ancient Colonial Dutch period, from the imposing entrance archway, down to the natural cobblestone floor. However, as you progress through the lobby, where you will be greeted with the traditional Sri Lankan welcome of “AYUBOWAN”, which translates as “May You Have Long Life”, you notice a subtle but appreciative change in the conceptual idea.